Division I Girls                                                                                       Division I Boys

2nd Runner up: Aubrey Grace Boudreaux                                             2nd Runner up: Andrew Barras

1st Runner up: Avery Folsom                                                                 1st Runner up: Cullen Boutte

Queen:  Kyleigh Broussard                                                                    King: Leyton Jones

Division II Girls                                                                                      Division II Boys

2nd Runner up:  Madison Sumners                                                       2nd Runner up:  Hayden Boudreaux 

1st Runner up:  Ellie Roche                                                                   1st Runner up:  Lane Laviolette

Queen:                 Madison Lange                                                          King:  Carter Boutte

Division III Girls                                                                                      Division III Boys

2nd Runner up:  Amelia Savoy                                                                  2nd Runner up: 

1st Runner up:  Bleighn Reaux                                                                1st Runner up: 

Queen: Isabella Potier                                                                             King: Gabriel Hargrave

Division IV Girls                                                                                     Division IV Boys

2nd Runner up: Mia Comeaux                                                                2nd Runner up: 

1st Runner up:  Aliska Longee                                                               1st Runner up: 

Queen:               Remi Guins                                                                   King:  Hunter Castille

 Overall Winner:

Erath Baby Fourth of July                                              Erath Baby Fourth of July

Queen: Madison Lange                                                 King: Hunter Castille

2010 Pageant Information Page

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